Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 4

This week we focused on integrating the theme a little more into our game.  We changed the name of our game from "Conquer" to "Conquest".  We decided this is more fitting for our game since conquering is more about taking over other people's land while conquest is more about buying new land/your own land.  Since the theme of our game was not well integrated (we could change the theme of the game to anything and it would still work the same way), we decided to add ability cards.  By adding the ability cards, we're creating a story for the players and the game.  The players will have a reason for picking the cards that they are.  These cards will give the players in the game a special ability, such as being able to draw extra food resource cards or being able to move anywhere on the board.  Although we have almost all the mechanics of the game figured, we still need to playtest the game with other players.  This will help us figure out if the theme still needs to be integrated more in the game.  If other players feel like they are really a part of the world/story we have created, it will give us assurance that the theme is actually well integrated.

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