Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Start

The game conquer has been set into place. The essential idea of the game is to conquer valuable land that will yield the player the most points once the game ends. Much of the mechanics are pretty raw and seems to be simple enough to understand but a through playtest will allow for many of the issues to arise so we can start working on it.

The game has each player working on gaining resources by drawing 2 out of the 3 resources every turn and looking at their adjacent area around them. Each tile has a different value and the higher the value, the more resources it will cost. Each player starts the turn off by drawing 2 out of the 3 resource cards and deciding to either move their totem in any direction by one spot or by purchasing a tile of land of which they are currently on top of or in a one tile radius from their totem.

Currently the game allows for players to block off areas if they conquer all the spots around them to go after big valued tiles that aren't so easy to purchase. This is one of the game mechanics that would allow for strategy to be placed in the game and allow players to look at the board and plot their second, third, and even fourth moves before they have even taken their turn. This game is simple to understand and will allow for players to play and understand the game quickly, but the more they play it, the more they will understand the strategy behind it and start planning on how they will make their decisions based off of the board.

One mechanic that has been suggested to enhance the game deals with players being able to attack or overtake other players land tiles. Currently there is no actual set action in the game for this, but its a great idea to help generate a more stimulated and interactive game as well as create a meta game so players can work on manipulating others and forming alliances with others. During the next class, the group shall work on fine tuning the core mechanics as well as working on different ways to enhance the player interaction and fighting mechanics as well.

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