Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 3

For this week we really focused in on the components and the dynamics of the gameplay. We found the the only way to know for sure that the dimensions and rules were going to be functional and playable were to play test the game itself. We are currently in the process of doing that. However, aside from he dimension, we found that there isn't much to work on for the dynamics of the game, since we already know where we will be headed and have completed after we play test the game. The thematics portion of the game is where we found a lot of components to work on. This week we realized that our theme does;t exactly correlate with the design and feel for our game. Which is why we decided to take on the construction and settling campaign feature opposed to the original battling and conquering feature to the game. We have changed the games name to Conquest, rather than Conquer. The players can now have the imaginational mindset that they are on a conquest trying to expand and scout to further lands and grounds throughout the board, opposed to fighting and conquering the lands instead. We found that the scouting and building theme for the game gave nicer appeal and even a better match up with the dynamics of the game opposed to the more common fighting and pillaging theme. Come next week, our board will be playable, as will our resource cards be thematically forces as well. We will have our game at a functional level with completeness as well.

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